Friday, January 18, 2008

RecruiterGuy Checking In!

Just a quick blog to say that we're on day 3 of our AT&T Recruiting Road trip and still in El Paso looking for Senior Consultants to interview at Saturday's big event. We'll be out at the 1575 Resler location and hoping to see lots of people that are interested in joining the teams in our fast-paced call center.

I've taken quite a few pictures since we've been on the road and am working to get them all updated. I'm using the BlackBerry to snap them all so some are obviously going to be much better than others. Of course, I've found that using the blackberry to quickly upload them to my Facebook page is infinitely easier than using Picassa. Either that or I just haven't figured out how to take full advantage of Picassa yet.

We've just wrapped up a terrific meeting with the team at the Fort Bliss offices where soldiers and military families go to look for work in the El Paso area. It was terrific to see that they had flyers of our AT&T Hiring Event posted in their office and that they were getting some attention from those going by.

Being a veteran myself, it's always great to find myself partnering with military organizations. I'm really looking forward to our turnout tomorrow and hoping that I see some referrals from our Fort Bliss relationship.