Monday, January 14, 2008

Just waiting to fly...

Sitting at gate B7 in Detroit...
I'm surprised with the amount of work I've managed to get completed today - of course, this includes the job offer that is to be extended in the morning. That's right... the competition was stiff - but the job has been filled.

Pending acceptance, I've managed to finally fill the Detroit Recruiter position - hey, don't laugh, the competition was tough! I'm excited about what this means to our team as we've some terrific opportunities around the country and this additional resource will help us communicate them to everyone.

The plane has just pulled in to the gate and to be honest, this RecruiterGuy is pretty beat. I'll have some work to catch up with on the flight home as well as a minimum 3 mile run I promised a very good friend of mine today when I get back.

RecruiterGuy, signing off after a productive day on the road!