Friday, March 23, 2007

Team Builder or People Watcher?

What a week!

I've had meetings to help arrange for recruiting assistance for local hiring from teams all over the country. With some open house events coming up in just a few weeks, I'm usually pretty excited when I've the opportunity to pull teams together that don't usually get to see one another.

Is it because it's just good to see those team members from time to time? Well, yeah - we've some terrific people on our teams. But that's not the main reason.
Is it because I'm just excited to help people accrue enough frequent reward miles to send their entire extended family to Disneyland at the end of the year? Nah, not really - but that's always nice.
Could it be the amazing relationship that is formed at the fun happy hours afterwards? Hmmm... okay - no, but that's definitely right up there.

I'll tell you what it is (because I know you're just dying to know!) I really enjoy pulling different teams together and experiencing the interaction and the differences.

Of course, this goes much deeper than the differences in personalities, local cultures, and processes and practices - I always enjoy watching staffing people and recruiters interact with job seekers that are from a different part of the world or country. There is an interesting buzz when you've company representatives from California, Illinois, and Connecticut all talking to job seekers from South Texas. They dynamic, while subtle, is always interesting. The job seeker's reactions to strong Eastern or Northern accents, the interviewer's adjustment to completely different speech patterns or speeds, etc.
Again - subtle. But interesting and fun to be engaged in.

So rapidly approaches the next big event to get some large scale hiring done. Next week is all about preparing media and getting the word out - of course, that's always fun too.