Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another Lack-luster Job Fair...

Why do we do it? Why do we (recruiters and staffing professionals) continue to drag our collateral, tablecloths, job fair booths, and pamphlets or flyers to job fairs?

I suppose it's because we hope that they'll start to make a comeback. I guess we think that if we stick it out, those BabyBoomers that are getting ready to plummet from the workforce will hit the fairs in search of new work as they enjoy their retirement checks or scramble to make up for lost income they didn't think they'd miss.

NEWSFLASH: The trend continues. General job fairs just aren't generating the leads that they used to.

Yesterday's job fair was one that I have attended in the past in numerous cities around the country over the years. Sadly, this event was in a large metroplex area but generated no more than 150 job seekers that were just cruisin' on through. The media had been saturated, the markets and niches all touched - yet the trend of less response each go around seems to continue.

Note to self: Get more active in virtual job fairs.
Note to job seekers: Get more active in virtual job fairs so RecruiterGuy can find you.