Friday, March 30, 2007

Wait! There is hope!!

Okay - this must be why we do it.

AWESOME job fair held at a small community college just outside of the same metroplex where Job-Fair-of-Lacklusterness was held earlier in the week. We had people lined up and waiting for our team with great questions and what seemed to be an honest interest in getting onboard as quickly as possible.

And let's talk about the appearance of the job seekers today...
I could count the pairs of sneakers I saw on one hand. We spoke to professionally dressed students as well as local adults (it was open to the public) that had come in during their lunch hour. Each person that approached the booth was polite, articulate, and patient. Most notable - no one ran by the booth and tried to swipe a handful of giveaways without anyone noticing... at least that I noticed. :)

In addition, it wasn't just the job seekers at this event that impressed me. What was really a hit was the level of networking that took place by the employers that were present. I swear, it felt like it was a room full of Recruiters rather than some folks in the office that drew the short stick and were told to sit at a table all day at the local CC.

Refreshing indeed.