Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nothing is Permanent Except Change...

One of my favorite quotes about change comes from Heraclitus who said, "Nothing is permanent except change." (of course don't get me started on why he's one of my favorites.) The scenarios that this famous quote can be applied to are, of course, limitless. So I'll do my best to stay focused in regards to my point.

I'm a fan of change. To be completely honest I've had more than one occasion where I'll have a project (both personal and professional) only half completed but will already have in my back pocket a lengthy list of what needs to happen in it's 3rd revision. Is this productive? I'm not sure - but it's certainly not boring. How do I combat this in arenas where I have unwaivering timelines? I simply make it a point to surround myself with people that balance my racing mind and hunger for updates with strong detail driven minds and an almost OCD'ish drive to complete things.

About a month ago I got a wild itch to begin a new blogging project that, to be honest, wasn't even completely laid out in my head. What you now see over at is the 'in progress' result. I've changed direction (surprise!) a few times but feel that it's at least got enough meat to throw up and play with while live. Some folks that I've spoken to felt that I should have waited to publish the site until it was 100% complete. I thought about this for a few days and decided against it - what if one of you dear readers posts or submits and idea that comes to you while seeing something on here that is in development... It would have gone otherwise without mention and we certainly can't have that. Then again, there is always the notion that a living blog such as this will never be 100% complete. Officially, anyhow.

So simply speaking to my new blogging/networking toy - I'm working on it. And as with anything else I touch, feedback is always welcome. Here is a list of just a few things I've incorporated over the last few days - keep in mind, these items may not be here in a week...

  • Audio feeds for all blog entries (working toward W3 on this)
  • Ties with various social network identities
  • Strong Google Tools Integration
  • Dynamic blogrolling
  • Wikipedia Integration
  • Photoblogging component

I know these don't seem like much in bullets like that - but I've a specific direction I'm heading and these were vital to get set up first. Sure I'm obsessive with change - but I do have some ideas that have to be mapped out, ya' know.