Monday, February 11, 2008

How to have a great blog?

Over the last few weeks I've had some questions (both online and in person) about blogging. Questions that were simply related to how to get a blog off the ground or to get some readership generated.

Let's be clear before I go any further, though... I'm in round 3 of my blogging experience that has been going pretty strong since 2001. I've changed domains and topics and interests and even online names. In fact, of all the blogging I've done, this is the first round where I share my real name and location, etc. (an interesting challenge might be to see who can find me under my old nics...)

So if you know me in person, you know that I've been blogging long before I became the unofficial official RecruiterGuy. Either way - to answer a few questions that I've been asked recently about blogging I thought I'd just share some wisdom from Bob Walsh.

Be Thankful
When you find that someone has referred to one
of your posts and start seeing traffic from that link, drop them a thank you email.
Be Interested
Show an interest in the people who are writing about your blog.
Be Respectful
Give credit when someone else's post sparks your creativity.
Be Helpful
If you see a wanton typo or broken link on a post, drop the
blogger a short friendly email pointing it out...Don't trash those who made mistakes on your blog - we all live in glass houses.
Be Organized
It's easy to lsoe contact with people in the blogosphere.
Make the effor tto keep their contact informatino handy and to keep in touch with them.

Bob maintains some interesting blogging and authored a great book, "clear blogging" that has tons of great info for beginner bloggers and certainly isn't short on quick and easy lessons on how to get started blogging.

Of course, I'm always working on a few of these pointers myself as I collect my own content from around the blogosphere and reorganize it here but... you get the idea.
Thanks for the great addition to anyone's library, Bob!