Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Strong... Recruiter Strong.

I don't know how else to describe it. I'm running on very little sleep because I've got so much going through my head at night that my brain just won't rest. But I'm not tired.
I'd venture to say that I got about 3 hours of sleep last night... with a combined 9 hours over the weekend - but I'm not dragging.

I'm excited about this years recruiting.
I'm excited about this years recruiting team!
I'm very excited about all of the great things we're able to do this year in terms of reaching out and touching job seekers directly as opposed to just waiting for job seekers to find us.

My team is almost full as I've just made my final decision on who will fill our California Recruiting slot and am working on the final details for our Detroit Recruiting opening.

The best part about being short staffed? (okay, really the ONLY good part...) It's making the offer to fill it.
Most of us that love Recruiting usually love Recruiting for several different reasons. I don't know any Recruiters that love what they do for any single reason. But I also don't know any Recruiter that doesn't absolutely love the part of their job when a person is visually or audibly excited when we extend a job offer.

There's nothing like being part of a forward thinking Recruiting team in a forward thinking company. It's exciting to add to a person to that team that is as hungry and motivated as the other members.

So today... I'm Recruiter Strong.
100mph - and missing nothing... except maybe some coffee.