Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year... New Recruiter?

RecruiterGuy here... I thought long and hard about what my first blog post of the year would be. I thought long and hard about what direction I would take with blogging and micro-blogging and audio-blogging and yes - even video blogging this year.

And I said to myself, "RecruiterGuy," (that's what I call myself) "Don't kick off your New Year blogging with a long and verbose promise about how you'll blog this year. Don't simply post all the job titles that you'll be hiring for, all the locations that you'll be working in, and the usual verbiage about the benefits and competitive wages. Nay, RecruiterGuy," (still talking to myself here, right?)

"Keep it real this year. Post, dear self, about what everyone else is dreading.. denying.. even neglecting. Post about your resolutions for 2008!"

So here they are... RecruiterGuy's professional and personal New Year resolutions for 2008.

  • Every Sunday - Call a different friend or family member, just to talk. (when you run out - just cycle through the list... or go make new friends to bug each 7th day of the week.)
  • Treat my body as well as I treat my classic sports car. Example: Better fuel in equals better performance.
  • Perform 150 weight/strength training sessions and 150 cardio/misc. sessions by end of year.
  • Make an attempt to speak my wife's primary and secondary love language every day.
  • Have a minimum of 52 "Game Nights" with my daughters.
  • Take my guitar playing seriously.
  • Take FULL advantage of Google and MS Office and Blackberry software to simplify and organize my life.
  • Get my music library in tip-top shape.
  • Blog once a day.
Okay - so for better or worse, there they are. I've been thinking about them for a few months, err.. weeks.... okay! I just gave them some serious thought last night! GEEZ!
Regardless - these are goals that I think are attainable. These are items that over the last year I made enough comments to myself about that they stood out enough in my 11:45pm note scribbling frenzy to get some resolutions documented. (Because if you make them AFTER 12am on 1/1 they don't count, right?)

So here we go. Into 2008. I am RecruiterGuy 2.0!