Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Seth says, "No more interviews!" (sorta')

Always a favorite blog to stop in on at least once a week is Seth's Blog. Public speaker, well known agent of change and author of the most popular ebook ever written, Seth lays it out the way only Seth can.
Seth said:
There are no one-on-one-sit-in-my-office-and-let's-talk interviews. Boom, you just saved 7 hours per interview. Instead, spend those seven hours actually doing the work. Put the person on a team and have a brainstorming session, or design a widget or make some espressos together. If you want to hire a copywriter, do some copywriting. Send back some edits and see how they're received.

It's admittedly an interesting concept, but realistic? Probably not for many companies or for very many titles. The message that hits home to me is in his point of keeping interviews relevant to the job the candidate is interviewing for.

If he/she is being interviewed for a job where they will have no customer interaction are the interview questions appropriate? Is the interviewer asking questions about how well they handled a customer service issue in the past or are they asking specific information in regards to the construction of relevant widgets?

Whether or not I agree... Seth's Blog is always worth checking out.