Wednesday, September 20, 2006

No Resume Required...

It's been a crazy few days as I go through resumes and the submissions of Online job seekers. I've only a few moments before I call it a day and thought I'd share my top tip of the week for you job seekers out there that are hitting the job boards.

When you see a job you're interested in and smack that "Apply Now" button that tells us on the 'other side' that you'd like to be considered for the position... Please realize that we occasionally need more to go on that just your phone number. I know it seems silly that we would ask for a resume when trying to see if you'd be a good fit for the job but humor us, will you? More than once this week I've seen that wonderful resume option filled in with "Ask me," or "Haven't made one yet," or my personal favorite, "Will fax if needed."

IF needed? Honestly... I suppose recruiters are supposed to be psychic and know if someone is a good candidate based on the email address provided (don't even get me started on those) or the phone number given. Heck... who needs a resume anyhow?

I don't know why I'd need a resume from Moe with an email address of who says he'll just fax it or bring it by if I need it - I certainly don't need to see any work history to know he'd be a fit for ANY job I've got, right?