Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Social Networking...

Anyone here mess around with Friendster? It's reportedly getting only 200 or so fewer U.S. visitors than MySpace putting it in the top 40 of social networks that are Online today.

Well news broke yesterday that said Friendster Inc. received $10 million in order to expand it's social networking services overseas in order to 'maintain' it's site. The goal, per President Kent Lindstrom, is to head the company toward its original vision of building real world friendships over the virtual ones that other social networks provide.

This got me to thinking about some of the other "social networking" sites and the surfing and experimenting that I'd done on a few. And while some seemed to head quickly toward the likes of a virtual dating service with some semblance of actual "networking" I've only found real value in LinkedIn thus far and while I've heard speculation of recruiters using MySpace and BlackPlanet and the like for recruiting tools... I haven't heard any real success stories.

I've an account on Friendster... but the dating and pyramid sales spam caused me to do a quick Escape and Evade maneuver in the hopes to find a more productive networking tool. Of course this was early in it's development... perhaps it's worth another look.