Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Eating Right Is Healthy...

Okay... So one day I looked down and realized that I had an extra 10lbs that I needed to shed (no, really... just 10... I swear!) What used to be a stomach with a six-pack had started to, over the years, get more of a party ball look. So in an effort to ward off this sign of aging I purchased a book called "the Abs Diet" that is written by the EIC of Men's Health.

As I'm flipping through the book a revelation (note that I didn't say a 'new' revelation) hits me.

"If I eat healthy and get regular exercise then I'll be healthier and am less likely to pack on unwanted pounds!!"

Okay - this isn't new news to most of us and while the book has some other terrific information in it - this was ultimately the main message. A message that I already knew but apparently needed a $15 reminder to put into motion. [side note: the book is a great addition to any fitness library]

So to all of you veteran recruiters I submit the following to you... In addition to staying current and up to date with the new recruiting trends and tools, are you occasionally reminding yourself to head back to the basics for a "reminder" of what is at the core of our craft?

Recruiting is an art and a science - and what scientific artist couldn't use a good refresher every once in a while?