Friday, July 21, 2006

You are a reflection of your company

Like it or not, you're a reflection of your company nearly 24 hours a day.
Imagine this... You're sitting in your favorite after-work hangout talking to your buddies about a customer you had the 'pleasure' of working with that day. You go on and on about how the customer was just too stupid to understand what you were telling them and that you're amazed they were smart enough to even dial the phone.

You brag about how you've been in the customer service industry for over 10 years and that you run into people like that all day.

Of course, in your hurry to get out of the office on that particularly 'trying' day, you neglected to remove your office badge. So as you've been cutting up and making fun of a customer there have been several of your company's customers sitting quietly and listening from across the way - not to mention the recruiter that was at the next table and was looking for someone with 10 years in the customer service industry to fill a local job with full bene's and at 10% more than what you make now.

Okay - it's a bit of an exageration. But think about it.
Don't let the fact that you're out of the office and in a different environment get the best of you. Recruiters are ALWAYS working (in theory at least) and customers are ALWAYS around... somewhere.

At the least.... take off your badge before your comical rants.