Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Is blogging for a job, 'jogging'?

If blogging for a job were considered 'jogging' I'd like to think I could get the same cardio workout I did on this morning's run!
Alright - just another example that I'm a tad on the crazy side today but does reference a nice find on the web that scores points for the arguement that blogging is great for recruiting.
Check out the cute blog with the HYOOOOGH name, Why Provo Labs Wants To Hire Carolynn Duncan and you might find some merit to her new CEO's comments about her:
She instantly won us over with her creativity and courage. She will be helping Phil get in front of dozens of executives at large companies, including Fortune 500 companies, as he takes Provo Labs Consulting (our web 2.0 consultancy and development company) on the road, so we need a smart communicator with a creative streak who can help Phil open doors wherever he goes. Welcome aboard, Carolynn!Â

Nice one, Carolynn!