Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Postling Along...

Postling!So I've been watching the likes of Postling, Yiid and Onlywire since I started using quite some time ago. The beauty of being able to easily manage multiple social media profiles via a single site or tool is always appealing - especially if you've multiple platforms or very segmented audiences that you're addressing.

Truth be told, I'd signed up for Postling some time ago and ended up letting it fall off my radar until a friend and colleague asked if I'd seen it. Since his opinion and thoughtstream is one that I respect and he felt it was worth mentioning, I felt it most definatly warranted me putting it through a test run. Hey, I like to think I know a smart person when I see one!

So throughout the remainder of April I'll be posting here and there through the Postling tool. At present I have it set up to push blog posts through Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad, Tublr and Squarespace. I've also set it up to ping my Facebook and Twitter accounts with status updates. Handy? You bet. Effective? We'll see.

One of the other things I'm interested in toying with a bit is the tracking features that Postling offers. From the "Dashboard" I'll have a look at my most recently published comments and posts as well as the ability to filter just comments shot back at me. But the item that I'm really interested in is the tracking integration.

So far my only complaint about Postling is the lack of ease found in searching out topics within the community and that I haven't seen a mobile app come out just yet. But hey, I'm betting they're working on it.

I'll pump these posts through manually to my blog as a Drupal CMS platform seems to be the only integration so far. What will also follow will be a more detailed review when I'm done playing.

Additionally I'll likely hit Onlywire in the same fashion in May for anyone interested. For now though, I'm simply Postling along one update at a time.