Monday, December 11, 2006

The McDonaldization of Job Seeking...

Fast, fast, fast. Get it to go. Don't waste time going in, just hit the drive-thru. Well anyone that has ever watched Lethal Weapon 2 knows what happens to you at the drive-thru (ref: Joe Pesci's rant when his order is wrong - google it.)

As a result of this blog, I'm receiving resumes that are simply forwarded to me and are unsolicited. Now make no mistake - I don't mind that at all, in fact it's a wonderful thing. What I'm taking issue with today is the manner in which some of them are sent.

If you are taking the time to send a resume to a recruiter, for Pete's sake (whoever Pete is) take a moment to write a greeting or a few introductory sentences. I received something very similar to the following this morning:
Dear Hiring Manager:

Professional with 15+ years expert experience. Thorough knowledge of all federal, state and local laws affecting related issues. Gifted with strong business development background. Possess excellent skills, with the ability to work well under pressure while building strong relationships. Excellent inter-personal and communication skills. Highly motivated, with the strong sense of urgency required in the field. Other experience includes:
• Developing strategies.
• Experience with 3rd party vendors.
etc. etc. etc.

Granted, I've stripped out the specifics but honestly - this is the very first thing in the email. Let's be clear, though... It's not the generic, "Dear Hiring Manager" that screams SPAMMED resume that puts me off. It's the fact that this 'salutation' is the only glimmer of "strong communication" skills that everyone's resume touts.

Has "strong communication" just become a buzzword? Would it have been so hard to include a simple introduction or even some complete sentences?
Folks, it's not rocket science. And I understand that some people are just out there trying to get that resume to as many recruiters and hiring managers as possible. But for the love of all things employment - use some communication skills.

Don't treat me like a drive-thru recruiter. I have feelings. I'm a person too, ya' know.
So be warned - you treat me like a drive-thru, you'll get the drive-thru treatment, which in this case is the deletion of your unsolicited resume before I even crack it open.