Monday, November 27, 2006

Everybody loves a 'quickie'.

Whether or not your somebody that is looking for a few hours of work each day that is flexible enough to work around your study schedule or just an employer that needs 300 flyers passed out in the local shopping mall this weekend - it would seem that there is a service made just for you.

This new service from those crazy kids across the pond focuses on selling 'slivers of time' to employers by letting people register on their site and dictate when they're available to work, where they're available to work, and exactly how long they're available to work. In the world where drive-thru windows in America are being outsourced to phone centers in India, I've got to say that this doesn't surprise me. In fact, the only thing that surprises me is that I didn't think of this first.

The primary audience that this will appeal to (from the job seeker side) would seem to be those willing to work on the lower end of the wage scale. While there seems to be a flipside for those in specialized fields, most tasks would be quite administrative or strictly low/no skilled labor. Should that stop those that are just looking for a few extra bucks each week? Nah.

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